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PSA Essentials Stamps

PSA Essentials Stamps, Embossers, Gifts, and More!

PSA Essentials Stamps, Embossers, Seals, Enamel Lapel Pins, Custom Artwork stamps, Gifts and so much more! Voucher Stamp Gift Boxes make Great Wedding & Birthday Gifts!

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Living Water Paper Company

Why PSA Essentials Stamps?

  • PSA Essentials Stamps offer the crispest, cleanest, and clearest impressions on the market with high quality, luxury stamps and embossers in hundreds of beautiful designs. PSA Essentials Monogram Stamp & Embosser make great gifts for holiday, bridal, baby, hostess, or housewarming. PSA Essentials offers superior customer service and fast order fulfillment and delivery time.

  • PSA Essentials Monogram Stamp is a top performer in the personalized address stamp industry. PSA Essentials Stamps retail in over 1,000 independent stores across the US & Canada, as well as larger chains and online stores. These beautiful personalized, self-inking stamps have been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Rachael Ray, Oprah’s O List, BRIDES, Real Simple, and dozens of more press outlets.

  • PSA Essentials Monogram Stamp is renowned for being a luxury stamp product with crisp, clean, and clear stamp impressions every single time, adding a personal touch to good old-fashioned correspondence. PSA Essentials Stamps come fully assembled with a black ink cartridge included and good for up to 10,000 impressions. In addition, there are 52 ink color options available to add a pop of color.

  • PSA Essentials Monogram Stamp is known for a patented Peel & Stick technology that allows customers to easily interchange clear stamp designs with our Switchable Stamps. Switchable Stamps can also be used on acrylic blocks with standard ink pads, just like any other clear stamp for crafts. Create a variety of paper crafts including cards, scrapbooks, gift wrap, home décor projects, stationery sets, kids' activities — the possibilities are endless!

  • PSA Essentials Monogram Stamp prides itself in being a personalized stamp of the highest quality with top-notch customer service and innovative product development and design. With a growing online retailer base, PSA Essentials Stamps continue to be successful in these changing times of doing business.

  • Moving?? Getting Married?? No problem... just order the Replacement Design Only for a fraction of the cost of a new stamp. The Replacement Design is the rubber piece that is contained within the stamp body. Just Peel away the original stamp insert, either the center monogram/design, the outer ring, or both. Then replace it with the new stamp design. This is ideal for those individuals who are ready to change their monogram/center design OR address (outer ring). To order, please go to the stamp of your choice, and select “Replacement Design Only”

  • *NOTE: PSA ESSENTIALS STAMPS’ patented technology came out in 2009. To use the Peel & Stick technology with an older stamp, you must have purchased it in 2009 or later. The newer stamp body will have the PSA Logo embedded on BOTH sides.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied. The standard production time for stamps is 7-10 business days.

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How to Use Our Peel & Stick Technology

When you are ready to change your monogram/center design or address, switch out your Stamp Replacement Insert using patented Peel & Stick technology. Here are some great instructional videos for FREE on how to use your personalized stamp.

How to Change Your Peel & Stick Stamp (Round) (mp4)

Personalized Stamp Gift Box by PSA Essentials (mp4)

How to Change Your Embosser Plate (mp4)

How to Change Your Ink Pad (Rectangular) (mp4)

How to Change Your Ink (Round) (mp4)

How to Use Peel and Stick (P&S) (pdf)

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Embossing is easy and fun! Most of our stamps can be made as embossers!